I have tried many times to make a nicely polished and authoritative blog concerning my discoveries in the Word of God but they never seem to come to fruition.  It’s because as I am writing I ‘see’ and understand more that makes what I just wrote somehow incomplete.  I try and start at the beginning, to gather up all my threads  but the beginning keeps moving on me and I keep collecting more and more threads.  It’s very frustrating. And endlessly fascinating at the same time.  I’ve seen glories that surpass all the wonders of this earth combined.

After 20 years of false starts, I’ve finally decided to go with the raw and unvarnished, unpolished sharing of what God is showing me … now (along with what I have known for a while).  I have become willing to accept (I hope) that I do not have to have all the pieces or answers, but that if I share what I have, others might find the pieces they need and be willing to share theirs.

Most of all, I am hoping that if nothing else, this blog will at least spark some intelligent discussion of the Word of God.  We Christians do so little thinking about the Scriptures that the depth of our understanding is barely enough to wet the soles of your feet.  Personally, I long for those great and fiery debates on the Word of God of the past that actually moved and changed nations, tumbled parliaments and forced people to take a stand if for no other reason than that they were being discussed so passionately.  Right now, if the passion of the Church were to be compared to a lover, she would have limp squishy fish-lips rather than those blazing tongues of fire that had the power to ignite reformations and work lasting salvation in this earth.

I don’t bother with Church anymore.  I just can’t handle all the jump-up, pump-it-up bleeding heart sentiment that passes for praise, faith and worship anymore.  Does anyone really pay attention to those lyrics?  There is more doubt and unbelief in today’s worship – I can find more faith in the psychedelia of the 60’s than I can find in Church music today.

I also can’t abide the social commentary and politics that passes for preaching and teaching of the Word of God.  No insight. No truth.  Just dusty theology if you are lucky, a barfing out of whatever some commentary on the bible said; distilled to some social course of action we Christians ought to take, proofed to an intoxicating level by the wishful thinking and stirring about of the false prophets we so love to nurture and cultivate.

Maybe its just age (I’m not really that old) but I think its because the Church is dying and being that much closer to it myself, I am more sensitive to what it isn’t.  In my opinion it isn’t much anymore, insofar as lining up with the truth of God and I’m tired of pretending otherwise.  I’m still old-school.  Church was supposed to be about holiness.  It was never meant to be seeker friendly.  If God was calling you, you knew why you were going there and it should have scared the sin right outta you.  And not because of some legalist, hell-fire and brimstone preacher but because of the sanctity and holiness of the presence of God. Otherwise what’s the point? A Church without God is just a building, and an altar without the fire of God is just another BBQ.

I believe in the love of God, but I understand it much differently.  You see, my Jesus isn’t some sweet chocolate tasty treat that makes me feel good about myself.  He isn’t some simpering, drippy, droopy thing that couldn’t fight off a pack of wet dishrags.  He is a resurrected Saviour, a Lord worthy to be honoured and obeyed, to be trusted and given my complete devotion.  My Jesus is a Saviour, not a hero; God and not some cowboy singing sappy songs that will ride me off into the sunset on a carpet of rose petals.

I don’t hold much with Church and I don’t think God does either.  He was always and ever for the individual, giving Christ and His Spirit to us to work out our personal and individual salvation unto an unshakeable faith and trust in Him, rooted in truth.  Church is just a holding pen now, more like a prison than the family of God, working and helping one another unto the fullness of salvation and maturity that is ours in Christ.

I hope you enjoy this blog.  If not, well there are others out there that might be more suited to your taste.  As for me, I’m just passing on what I see in the Word, and what I’ve come to believe and understand because of it.